Sr. No. Product Name Composition Package
1Atrocam Eye DropsAtropine Sulphate IP 1%+Phenyl Mercuric Nitrate IP 0.001% 5ml
2Bromus Eye DropsBromfenac 0.09% 5ml
3Cainus Eye DropsProparacaine Hydrocloride USP 0.5%+ Chlorbutol I.P. 0.5% 5ml
4CIPROPRIM-DCiprofloxacin 0.3% + Dexamethasone 0.01% 10ml
5Difo-Cl Eye DropsSodium Chloride I.P. 5% + Phenylmercuric Nitrate I.P. 0.002% 5ml
6Flomoist Eye DropsPolyethylene Glycol 400 0.4%+Propylene Glycol I.P. 0.3% +Polyquad(preservative) 0.001% Sterile Aqueous base 10ML
7Flucoprim Eye DropsFluconazole IP 0.3%+Benzalkonium Chloride 0.02% 5ml
8FLURUSFlurbiprofen sodium 0.03% 5ml
9Gatrus Eye DropsGatifloxacin 0.3% + Benzalkonium Chloride Sodium 0.02% 5ml
10Gatrus-D Eye DropsGatifloxacin Dexamethasone Sodium 0.3%+Dexamethasone Phosphate 0.1% IP+ Benzalkonium Sodium IP 0.02% 10ML
11GATRUS-PGatifloxacin 0.3% +Prednisolone Acectate 1% + Benzalkonium Chloride Sodium 0.02%10ML
12GATRUS-P (PO)Gatifloxacin 0.3% +Prednisolone Acectate 1% + Benzalkonium Chloride Sodium 0.02% 10ML
13H-Cam Eye DropsHydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose IP 0.3%+ Sodium Perborate IP 0.005% 10ml
14Hcam-Plus Eye DropsHydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose IP 0.7%+ Borox 0.19%+Boric Acid 0.19% Eye Drop(10ml) 10ml
15HOMATROPINE Eye DropsHomatropine Hydrobromide I.P 2% + Benzalkonium Chloride Sodium I.P 0.02% 5ML
16Icam Eye DropsCarboxymethylcellulose 1% 10ml
17KETORUSKetorolac Tramethamine I.P.0.4%+Hydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose I.P 0.25%+ 5ML
18Lotep Eye DropsLoteprednol Etabonate 5.0 mg + Benzalkonium Chloride Solution IP 0.01% 5ML
19Naphaprime Eye DropsNaphazoline Hydrochloride USP 0.05%+Chlorpheniramine Maleate I.P 0.1%+Phenylephrine Hydrocloride I.P 0.12%+Menthol Camphor USP 0.01%+Benzalkonium Chloride Solution I.P 0.02% 10ml
20NASOPRIMESodium Chloride 0.65% + Benzalkanium Chloride 0.02% 15ml
21Neprus Eye DropsNepaphenac 0.1% 5ml
22Olorus Eye DropsOlopatadine 0.1% 5ml
23Olorus-Plus Eye DropsOlopatadine Hydrochloride IP 0.2%+ Benzalkonium Chloride IP 0.02% 5ml
24Otitus Ear DropsClotrimazole IP 1.0%+Lignocaine HCI IP 2.0%+Propylene Gloyal IP 10ml
25P-FLOFlurometholone I.P 0.1% + Benzalkonium Chloride Solution IP 0.02% 5ml
26POVITUSPovidine Lodine IP 5% + Benzalkonium Chloride Sodium 0.02% 5ML
27PRIMFLOXOFloxacin 0.3% Eye/Ear Drops 10ml
28Primflox-D Eye,Ear DropOFloxacin 0.3% + Dexamethasone 0.01% 10 ml
29PROSTUSBimatoprost 0.03%+Benzalkonium Chloride Sodium 0.005% 3ml
30XPRIMEXylometazoline Nasal Drops I.P. (0.1%)10ml

Leading Ophthalmic Products Manufacturers In India- Primus Pharmaceuticals

Third-party manufacturing is the process of preparing pharma products under the name or trademark of another company. Drug production is a difficult and expensive procedure that requires a great deal of study, discoveries, innovations, experiments, and lab testing. Also, meeting the deadline is getting harder due to the rising scope of pharmaceuticals. Many ophthalmic pharmaceutical companies are exploring the benefits of outsourcing their production to Ophthalmic Products Manufacturers In India, due to the high cost of production and regulations that must be adhered to.

The pharmaceutical industry in India has grown faster thanks to third-party production. This model of doing business is gaining huge popularity right now. It entails employing capable outside third parties to complete tasks for which the manufacturers might not have the time, space, tools, or expertise to hold internal production. Due to the numerous advantages third-party manufacturing services have to offer both the manufacturer and third-party business, a huge number of well-known pharmaceutical organizations are opting for third-party manufacturing services. Primus Pharmaceuticals is a trusted option to consider if you are looking for Eye Drops Manufacturers In India.

Why choose Primus Pharmaceuticals for Ophthalmic Products Manufacturing?

Primus Pharmaceuticals is well-known in the pharmaceutical industry for its ophthalmic range of products. We are committed to providing high-quality services that will satisfy our customers. Our business values and ethical and open dealings with our clients help us stand out from the competition. Primus Pharmaceuticals top the list of Ophthalmic Products Manufacturers In India due to our high-quality products, best services, and affordable rates.
● You will receive products from an ISO-GMP certified organization.
● Our complete ophthalmic range is approved by the WHO and DCGI.
● We ensure the delivery of medications on schedule.
● Our manufacturing unit is set up under the duty-free zone. Thus, you can expect concessions in rates.
● High-quality medications at affordable cost are available.
● Modern, spill-proof pharmaceutical packaging to avoid any kind of loss.
● Highly advanced and sophisticated manufacturing unit.

WHO & GMP approved manufacturing unit- Primus Pharmaceuticals

● GMP standards have been implemented by Primus Pharmaceuticals for the production of Ophthalmic Products. The GMP accreditation guarantees that the medications we create are consistent and of high quality and satisfy the requirements necessary for their intended usage.
● Being one of the leading Eye Drops Manufacturers In India, Primus Pharmaceuticals rigorously adheres to all the rules set out by the WHO in our facilities for the effective and secure manufacturing of Ophthalmic Products since eye products demand extra care and quality. Our high-quality products have enabled us to establish ourselves as one of the top Ophthalmic Products Manufacturers In India.
● Adopting such stringent regulations is primarily done to reduce the inherent hazards associated with the manufacturing of ophthalmic products, such as cross contamination and inaccurate labeling.
● As a reliable Indian manufacturer of ophthalmic products, we are dedicated to providing only fine-quality products to our customers that are completely safe. We have built up a production method that is entirely clean and sanitized to get the most out of our job.