Medicated Soap

Sr. No. Product Name Composition Package
1Acnis SoapTriclosan,Allontoin, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E Soap75GM
2Dermaprime Medicated SoapVitamin E, Alovera Soap75GM
3KETOPRIME SOAPKetoconazole 1%+ZPTO 1% Soap75GM
4Luprime SoapLuliconazole 1% Soap75GM
5Permis Medicated SoapPermethrin 1% Soap75GM

Best Medicated Soap Manufacturers In India- Primus Pharmaceuticals

The antibacterial soap or medicated soaps are the best germ protection products, which keep you and your loved ones safe from environmental pollutants by eradicating or inhibiting germs and bacteria that might cause disease or odor. Since every household needs soap for daily use, soap accounts for the highest share of the FMCG market.

Being one of the best Medicated Soap Manufacturers In India, Primus Pharmaceuticals is committed to providing the best quality medicated soaps and trustworthy deals to our valued clients and customers. Every department in our manufacturing unit has a separate team. Each team of ours performs its responsibilities dutifully and is fully aware of what is expected of it. Each team puts forth a lot of effort and completes its mission successfully. This is the reason why in the list of top Soap Manufacturers In India, our name is considered to be a major brand.

What is soap?

An antibacterial soap, often known as a pharmaceutical soap or medicated soap, is one that contains chemical components that kill microorganisms. The most prevalent ingredients in these antibacterial soaps are triclosan and triclocarban, but they may also contain benzalkonium chloride, benzethonium chloride, and chloroxylenol.

Why choose Primus Pharmaceuticals as your soap manufacturer?

● Production capacity for large-scale medicinal soaps
● Keeping the Highest Level of Quality
● Dedicated Research and Development (R&D) team for the finest possible innovation
● Maximum testing standards
● Modern technology and advanced equipment
● Use of only the finest materials
● Improved active and inactive ingredients
● Maximum Storage capacities
● Sanitary, secure and premium packaging
● Best pricing available
● Fulfillment of orders on time
● Free-sampling policy available

Perks of hiring Medicated Soap Manufacturers In India

1. Professional background

The Medicated Soap Manufacturers In India have extensive knowledge in the field of production. It consequently becomes quite advantageous for you if you get your products manufactured by a reputed manufacturer. You don’t have to worry about the product quality on the one hand, and the partner is constantly up to date on market trends and the tastes of the intended market on the other.

2. Greater effectiveness

When working with Soap Manufacturers In India, efficiency is constantly increased. Since you are dealing with a legitimate firm in this instance, both productivity and efficiency will meet the highest industry requirements. Additionally, choosing the best third-party pharmaceutical producer can maximize your Return on Investment.

3. Increase revenue with little investment

Without making a big investment, pharmaceutical companies can grow their business with the help of Medicated Soap Manufacturers In India. A good manufacturer like Primus Pharmaceuticals can offer the highest-quality products to end users, distributors, and retailers. Additionally, it helps you improve customer perceptions of your brand and business.

4. High Profits

The main benefit of using a third-party manufacturing service is that it is quite affordable and reasonable. The entire process is quite advantageous because pharmaceutical businesses’ services are provided on a contract basis. You can cut costs associated with labor management and production for this reason. You can purchase your own branded products at the most reasonable prices by using third-party production.

5. Operational advantages

Due to the superior outcomes of third-party manufacturers‘ products, which also have a number of operational advantages, there is a considerable demand for third-party manufacturing services. Based on bulk production, you are free to negotiate the best costs. To boost your profitability, Primus Pharmaceuticals adhere to additional standards at a reasonable cost.